The young man pictured above is Nathaniel Butler. That may look like some
innocent school photo or something, but it is actually taken from an intercepted
faxed press release by Ace in the Hole Records' Corporate Headquarters in
which Nat revealed that he had indeed utilized his influential parents, crack Ivy
League Education and time traveling ability to organize a hostile takeover of the
record label. Sure, he'll still put out records by bands he likes, but they must
never let their popularity threaten to eclipse that of his band, WORF, or he will
personally arrange, with little more than a furtive glance at the board of
directors, for that band's career to end and for their back catalog to be deleted.
Let the Pagans' demise serve as a warning to all potential Ace in the Hole
signees. An astute businessman, Nat has utilized low-wage labor on other planets
to increase the margin on the already lucrative WORF back catalog.

To further his own band's agenda, Nathaniel created the official WORF
homepage back in the fall of 1994. After 5 years as one of the most highly-
regarded conceptual masterpieces of the internet, you would think it was time
for him to update it. Unfortunately, he just can't seem to take the time away
from either his luxury Cambridge apartment, his cell-phone-and-Excel-spreadsheet-
showing-todays-profits-while-drinking-a-glass-of-wine-limo rides, his afternoon in
his personal gym, his cocktails and cigars at his favorite supper club, or his
evenings spent in the company of what, in casual conversation, he calls the
"high-rent pussy" of the Boston gentry. I mean, where did the artist go? You
can't buy that back with the Ace in the Hole Platinum Corporate Visa, can you?

Anyway, to understand more of the WORF story,
you can go to the Worf site.

Or say "Hey, cut the crap. I want a copy!" and
check the Ace In The Hole page for mailorder information.