The Pagans (and no, goddamnit, not that Pagans!) were a high-concept art
project that in 1993 helped 17-year-old James Weaver transform himself
into something akin to Tom Lehrer crossed with KRS-One. James, along
with Josh Shugarts and Justin Brocious "rapped" and I wrote and recorded
music for the band, whose appetites for caffeine, gunpowder and private
college educations
eventually led to the groups acrimonious split in August
of 1994.

The Pagans released two albums, Fuel for the Flame (Ace 01...1993) and
ProPaganDa (Ace 03...1994), on their Clearfield, Pennsylvania based Ace
in the Hole label. Certain members of the band WORF have since obtained
controlling interest in the label and have maliciously decided to let these
two gems fall out of print. Dare I say that they were just jealous that the
Pagans appealed to a larger Clearfield audience than their band?