Cotillion was a poppy rock band in which I played bass and a little guitar,
Jenna Johnson played guitar and a little bit of bass and Jerry Fuchs played
drums. In what was obviously (in retrospect) one of the biggest mistakes of
my music "career", in November of 1996 I chose to passive-aggressively
sideline my own band, Reddy Kilowatt, to play in Cotillion.

I don't know... the 6 song Fish EP we did was pretty good, but the second
one (The Rough Riders) wasn't so hot. 4 songs from the Fish EP were put
on a 7" by Turnbuckle Records. The songs were remixed (by a more
famous NYC recordist), but the record just doesn't sound as good as the
original mixes that I did. It could just be a bad mastering job. Jerry quit the
band in July of 1997 and I quit shortly thereafter.

I'm not sure what the status of the band's existence is.
Check out Turnbuckle's site for the latest.