from Gambit Weekly (Baton Rouge, LA):

...Trail Of Dead with Fred Weaver
Saturday, March 25th @ The Bayou
[sic.  the show was at Spanish Moon]

Wouldn't you know it -- the least advertised show was the best.  The show started with local troubadour Fred Weaver, who went electric toward the end of his brutal acoustic set, which invited these now-famous words of Trail Of Dead's Jason Reese: "Fred, you aren't supposed to do songs like that on acoustic guitars.  They are for pretty songs."  Then came the flying beer bottles, crowd surfing, the kicking and smashing of equipment and, well, you know the rest.  They had to put their stage set-up back together again just to do an encore.

                                                                     - Dag Luther Gooch

[Fred's Note: this incoherent review of the show is probably just as confusing as the show and its aftermath were.  A few days after this show, I was "banned for life" from the Spanish Moon for supposedly telling Trail Of Dead to smash up their stuff.  I was really drunk that night, but I didn't say anything like that.  Of course, whatwith poor editing, if you read this review, you get the impression that I was the one who destroyed stuff and that Trail Of Dead might not've played.  Who knows?]