from Pulse Of The Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN)

Hot Ticket

Tuesday, November 28th
Fred Weaver @ The Entry’s New Band Night

New Band Night at The Entry can be a crapshoot, but you’ve got about a 60/40 chance in favor of finding something cool most weeks. This time around, The Entry presents a guy who’s not entirely new (he played a gig here last year) and not really a band, but cool all the same. 26-year-old Fred Weaver couldn’t find any kindred spirits in his native Louisiana to help him realize his epic, art/punk musical vision, so he hit the road to present his Husker Du/Fugazi-influenced ditties to the world. He’ll be playing tunes from his raw 1999 debut, Present Dusk, as well as a slew of fresh cuts he’s written in the interim. Better catch him now: next time he comes through, there probably won’t be room to get a beer in The Entry. 8 p.m., $4, (free with college ID), 21+ show.
Call First Avenue for more info at (612) 338-8388.

                                                                - Hallett