from City Beat (Cincinnati, OH)

Gig Of The Week 

While Fred Weaver's music will certainly appeal to fans of the Indie/Punk world, his approach is slightly startling.  The Baton Rouge, LA-based singer/songwriter was frustrated when he couldn't find the right musicians to flesh out his emotive, intense songs, so he decided to forgo the whole "band" concept and play the songs with just his voice and an acoustic guitar.  The results are intriguing -- Weaver's songs are bleedingly raw and the nakedness of going "solo acoustic" only intensifies that.  If anyone saw Indie godfather Bob Mould playing solo acoustic on the riverfront earlier this year, you'll have a good idea of what to expect from Weaver.  Just do NOT expect a wispy, pining dude lightly strumming his six-string -- Weaver genuinely attacks his songs with vigor and passion.  He aptly describes his sound as a cross between Fugazi and John Fahey, which his debut CD Present Dusk certainly bears out.
Wednesday at the Southgate House with Heevahava.

                                                                              - Mike Breen