Well... If you look at the menu to the right, you'll find several interviews and blurbs written about me for various papers and fanzines around the country. You'll also find a few articles I've written about other folks.

If you look above you'll see me striking some sort of mock Calvin Klein kiddie-porn pose in the back of Conway, Arkansas' Needle Club.  Hey... there was a lot to celebrate...  I'd just spent 3 days (and nights!) with Don Caballero and Dianogah and we were about to part company.  The stage at the club was assembled that night from four 8 foot by 8 foot platforms. It was 8 inches tall.  I think there were 30 kids there, along with a pleasant middle-aged black woman selling soda.  But we didn't need soda...  We had Gatorade and we had Stolichnaya.